Quick Step Guide – Performing a Board Of Review Edit

Getting Started

  1. In Tax Bills and Collections enter the parcel number and tax period for the bill to edit in the ‘Quick Search.’ Click Search.
  2. With the bill record highlighted in the list view, click Edit Tax Bill.
  3. A wizard will begin with the first page containing General Information.
  4. Determine Billing Cycle.
    1. Regular
    2. Post-Settlement
  5. Select the Reason for Edit.
    1. Board of Review = Receipt prefix ‘R’
    2. Miscellaneous = Receipt prefix ‘M’

Defer Interest

  1. Select Miscellaneous in ‘Reason for Edit.’
  2. Place a check mark in the box next to the field labeled Defer Interest.
  3. Click Values, then Detail and Finish.

BOR/MTT Base P&I Waiver

  1. This option is only used when editing a bill from Pontem Delinquent Tax – it allows access to the P&I field in this wizard.

Property Values Information

  1. To edit the Tax Exemption % (PRE), or Type, or taxable value enter the required change in the New Amount column. Click Detail.

Tax Bill Details

  1. Click Add New Levy to add a new levy to this bill. Click Finish.
  2. To edit ‘Special Assessment $’ click in the New Amount column on the appropriate Tax # line and change the amount.
  3. Changing a taxable value as described in Section D above, will cause ‘Tax Bill Details’ to recalculate automatically.  Notice the ‘New Amount’ column under the Totals section now displays updated amounts for the corrected tax bill.
  4. Control ‘Admin Fee’ calculations on this bill by checking or unchecking the box in this field. Click Finish.


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