How to Clear DNR Balances from Pontem Delinquent Taxes

STEP ONE: Retrieve Unpaid Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Tax Bills
In Pontem Delinquent Tax select ‘Manage Delinquent Bills’ then click on ‘Start Pay List’ and use the ‘Advanced’ filter to retrieve the 'All Balance Due' DNR bills using the ‘Selected Tax Roll Type’ of ‘DNR.’ The result will be a list of all the unpaid DNR records. Double click on the bills to clear by adding them to the ‘Tax Bill Payment List.’

To prevent confusion with the current day’s collection totals, set the ‘Accounting Date’ at the top of the window to a day not normally used for collections (e.g., a Saturday). The ‘Payoff Date’ should be treated in a similar manner though you may want to consider using the same date the state actually paid the original portion of the bills.

NOTE: After these transactions are posted, you will be able to print any of the receipt reports based on the ‘Accounting Date’ that you entered.


STEP TWO : Process Unpaid Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Tax Bills
Add parcels to the list as you normally do when processing payments. When the ‘Prepare Receipts’ button is clicked, you will have access to each of the receipts that will be created for these 'Non-Payments.’

However, there are two additional steps you must perform for each individual payment:

  • Set the 'Payment Method' to 'ZSET - SETTLEMENT ADJ.' This will allow the posting of a payment with an Amount Received of zero dollars.

In the screenshot shown on the previous page you’ll see that the original payment amount has been imported into the ‘Adjustment Amount’ field and the 'Over\Under' check box is set.

  • Next, enter a 'Receipt Comments' note describing this as an adjusting transaction to clear the delinquency.

To process the next transaction, click the 'Next Receipt' button.

Each transaction in this payment process is handled the same. The one shortcut available is the '>' button located next to the 'Check Numbers' field. Clicking this button will copy the 'Name & Address' and 'Receipt Comments' from the previous transaction so it will not have to be manually typed in at every payment.

NOTE: You must select the Payment Method (ZSET - SETTLEMENT ADJ) at each ‘Tax Receipt Distribution’ screen.

STEP THREE: Post Payments to Unpaid Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Tax Bills
Once all desired bills have been processed, click the ‘Post Payment’ button. All processed bills will now have a new status of ‘Paid’ and receipt reports can be run based on the Accounting Date applied to them.

Congratulations! You have now removed all selected DNR bills from your delinquent tax roll.


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