How to Use the Set Tax Bill to Unpaid Tool

Occasionally after the settlement process, a check which had been applied as payment to a tax bill at the local unit is returned due to insufficient funds, or perhaps a clerical error had been made where a payment had been posted to the wrong tax bill. These situations require the ability to ‘reset’ the tax bill to an unpaid status, as there is no receipt to void in the county database.

A tool exists in Pontem’s Tax Administration software which provides the ability to reset the tax bill to unpaid. This help document will explain how to use it.

NOTE: The user must have the following “right” assigned to their security ’Group’ in Pontem TA to be able to access it: TA_ResetTaxBill


STEP ONE: Search for and Locate the Tax Bill
Use the ‘Quick Search’ to find the tax bill by parcel number and tax period. Determine if the bill is eligible for use with this tool. These are the rules used to determine if a bill is can be “Reset”:

  • The payment receipt does not exist in the database (‘Import Settlement Files’ does not include receipt records from the local units).
  • No tax bills exist for this bill in the Pontem Delinquent Tax module.
  • The tax bill must be in ‘Post Settlement Cycle’.

If the bill in question meets all of the above requirements, select the ‘Set Tax Bill to Unpaid Tool’ from the ‘Tax Bills and Collections Tools Tab.’


STEP TWO: Set-up and Update the Tax Bill to be Reset
Enter the Parcel Number and Tax Period to reset.:

If the bill selected passes the reset rules, there will be no error messages when clicking Next.

Click Finish to return to the Tax Bill Detail Screen. Notice ‘Yet Due:’ displays the full amount of the tax bill and ‘Payments to Date:’ is zero. The ‘Last Payment:’ receipt and date listed is information posted from the local unit’s data during the settlement process.


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