Check for Updates Guide

STEP ONE: Back Up Your Database
Log into your Pontem database as usual.

Next, select File | Maintenance | Backup for the Pontem application you wish to back up from the menu.

Backing Up Your Database
Next, a backup window will appear displaying the path for the created file, and a description of the Backup file:

All backup files are saved to a pre-defined archives folder. The user may change the ‘Described as’ information if desired. Click OK to continue.

When the backup is finished a message saying the backup is complete will appear:

Click OK to continue upgrading your software.


STEP TWO: Upgrading to the Latest Build

  • You must have an active connection to the Internet to download software upgrades.
  • You cannot be logged into the database and ‘Check for Updates’ at the same time.
  • Be sure you have logged out of your database before proceeding.
  • If the software is installed on a network the upgrade must be installed at the server first.

From the ‘Help’ menu, choose ‘Check for Updates...’

If any Pontem applications are open you will receive the following warning message:

Please heed this warning and close any open Pontem applications before proceeding, then click ‘Yes.’


Locating and Applying the Update
The software will automatically locate the proper patch (update) for your program.

When the patch is located, the ‘Update’ dialog box will appear. Click ‘Yes’ to continue. The program will now begin to download the patch file.

When the download has finished, click ’Yes’ to apply the patch. The update (patch) should run automatically.

The appropriate setup dialog box for the Pontem software you have chosen to upgrade will now appear:

Next, the ‘Password’ dialog box will appear.

The current password for your software can be found in the upgrade notification you received via email from Pontem Software. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive. Enter the password you were provided and click ‘Next’.

The screen below will now appear to allow you to select the tasks you wish to perform.

Make sure the update you wish to install is checked and click ‘Next.’

Next, the ‘Ready to Install’ dialog box will appear.

Click ‘Install’ to continue.

The ‘Installation’ dialog box will appear, showing a progress bar. If the following error message appears, you have the application open. Close the software and click ‘Retry.’

 When the installer has completed its task the ‘Setup’ dialog box will appear. Click ‘Finish’ to launch the program.

When the wizard has completed installing the update, a ‘Setup’ dialog box will appear.

Click ‘Finish’ to launch the program.

NOTE: When Pontem’s software launches, if your firewall activates to warn you that Pontem or Firebird are attempting to access the Internet or a port, instruct your firewall to grant access to these applications. Failure to do so may disable the Firebird database manager which will prevent your data from opening.

Final Step
Log into your database with the user name of SYSDBA and the password masterkey. You will be asked if you want to update the database, respond by clicking ‘Yes.’

When this final update step has completed, log into your database with your normal
user name and password. The complimentary upgrade of your software you received as part of your Pontem Software Annual Support and Service Plan has now been installed and ready to use.


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