How to Print Tax Bills

A few sample bills should always be test-printed to ensure the placement and wording of messages, headings, addresses and values are correct. Reviewing bills will often alert the user to mistakes (which are better fixed before the bills are delivered to the recipients). Find a coworker to look things over; it never hurts to have a fresh set of eyes do a double-check.

Note: By default, and on-screen print preview is displayed prior to sending a report to the printer.  With tax bills, the output file is often so large it can take as many as 30 minutes to render the preview, or potentially, create memory issues that would prevent the preview from showing at all.  Once you have confirmed the print will be successful by printing and reviewing a small test batch, you should send the main print directly to the printer, and bypass the print preview.

  1. Select the Reports menu and browse to Tax Bills | Bills and Notices then select your tax bill report.

    Note: Most Pontem customers have a customized tax bill form. Those who do not can select either from the Original or an alternate form which were supplied with the software.   Take care to note which form is your preferred form.

  2. Review and adjust the filter tabs to define what bills to print.
  3. Review setting on the Print By tab.
    1. If the goal is to print all tax bills, accept the default settings for the top section of this tab. If you want only a subset of the bills, this where you can narrow the bills that will print by defining a range.
    2. Select the tax unit for which you would like to print bills.
    3. Choose all districts
    4. Choose all villages (unless printing for a specific village during the ‘V’ tax period
    5. Ignore the select List of Parcels and Load Parcels from Ascii check boxes.
  4. Accept the defaults on the selection tab.
  5. Accept the defaults on Tax Bill options tab.
  6. Ignore the Values and Activity Tabs.
  7. On the Order Tab, indicate the order in which the bills should print (for bulk mailing discount, change Order to ‘Zip Code’).
  8. Check the Print Directly to Printer
  9. Click OK
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