Quick Step Guide – Split a Tax Bill

Getting Started

  1. In Tax Bills and Collections enter the parcel number and tax period for the bill to be edited in Quick Search. Click Search.
  2. With the bill record highlighted in the List View, click Split Tax Bill.
  3. A wizard will begin with the first page containing General Information.
  4. Determine Billing Cycle:
    1. Regular
    2. Post-Settlement
  5. Under the Child Parcel section:
    1. Enter the existing Child Parcel Number
    2. Select whether Parent special assessments will be applied to the Child
    3. Enter the Owner Name & Address – if necessary.
    4. Click Next.

Property Values Information

  1. Enter the ‘Assessed Value’, ‘Equalization Factor:’ and ‘Taxable Value’ in the Child Amount column. Note how the Child values subtract from the Parent values.
  2. Click Next.

Tax Bill Details

  1. Review the levy detail and note how they are subtracted from the Parent levies.
  2. Click Finish, or to perform another split on this bill click Split Again.
  3. The resulting receipts from this process will be prefixed with an “S”. They will display for printing at Finish and Split Again.

Considerations for Splitting a Bill

  • If the Child Parcel Number does not exist in TA, at the Parent record in Manage Property Records | View | Descriptions | Splits History use the New Split option to add split(s).
    • Note, in Pontem Tax Receipting this rule does not apply.
  • The bill total of all Child parcels must match the total of the Parent bill. The last bill split may require minor adjustment to accommodate this rule.
  • Any required additions or changes to the Tax Bill Details (levies) are accomplished using Edit Tax Bill in Tax Bills and Collections.
    • An example of this would be a garbage assessment on the Parent required to be included on each new Child’s tax bill. This is not a value to be split, but a levy on each bill that should be included.


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