How to Identify and Filter for Tax Bills in Bankruptcy

Your Pontem property tax software has a feature that enables you to designate a tax bill as being in bankruptcy. This Help Document will explain how to set up and use this helpful functionality.

STEP ONE: Configuring ‘System Preferences’
Click on: Edit | Adjust System Preferences | TA Configuration | Tax Bills and check the box labeled ‘Track Bankruptcies.’


STEP TWO: Editing the Tax Bill
Indicate a tax bill is ‘In Bankruptcy” by editing the tax bill and placing a check mark in the designated field.


STEP THREE: Filtering for or Printing a Report of Tax Bills “In Bankruptcy”
Go to ‘Advanced Filtering’ or ‘Reports’ to filter for tax bills which have been marked “In Bankruptcy.”

NOTE: The filter functionality allows you to also print tax bills excluding those identified with this Designation if you wish.


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