Pontem Backup and Restore - Optimization Procedures

Backup protects you from catastrophic data loss experienced from unexpected hard drive failure.
For proper database maintenance and protection, we recommend you regularly perform a backup and optimize your database performance by immediately running a restore of the resulting backup (.fbk) file.  You should also perform this maintenance prior to applying every File Import and/or Pontem software update.
All Pontem products include utilities which simplify database backup and restoration-optimization. The remainder of this document will explain how to use these tools. 
The backup feature in your Pontem software saves a copy of your Pontem data to the hard drive of your computer and should not be the sole backup protection solution.  If you experience a hard drive crash or other failure, you could lose your backup files along with your database on your computer\server. It is strongly suggested that you have an additional method of backing up your data to a remote computer, CD, flash drive, or other external\remote backup device, on at least a weekly basis. 
Backing Up Your Database
Backup and optimization of your database can each take an hour or longer depending on the size of your database. Given that, we suggest you conduct back up and/or optimization of your Pontem database during non-peak periods to keep work disruptions to a minimum.

While logged into the database, click on File | Maintenance | Backup your Pontem [name of application] Data from the menu bar.

A ‘Backup’ window will appear displaying the path where the file will be created, and a description of the backup file.  

All backup files will be saved to an archives folder location. Click OK to start the backup. Note the name of your backup file (.fbk) contains the database name, and the  date and time the .fbk  file was created.

The following notification will appear when the backup is complete:

Click OK to close the backup utility.

NOTE: If you do not have rights to save a file or gback.exe is not installed  you will receive an error message that a backup cannot be performed.  Contact Pontem Technical Support for assistance.

About the Optimizing Your Database

The Database Restore function will also perform a database optimization .  As a result, you will often detect an increase in the speed of database transactions once a restore is completed.

NOTE: Users cannot be logged into a database when a restore operation is in progress.  Restoration processes must also be run from your server if the software is installed on a network. 
Before You Begin Your Restore
  • The Restore must be performed on the server.
  • All users must be logged out of the database before you start the restore and until the process has completed.
  • Any user with a Pontem software user login can run the restore, but only if he/she has sufficient network rights to the archive folder and .fbk files.
Running the Restore - Optimization Function
If your Pontem application is running, close the application and make sure no other users are running it.   Now open the application to display the Login dialog and Click ‘Cancel' button.
From the menu bar, click on
File | Maintenance | Restore your [Pontem Product] Data.

Next, the ‘Restore’ window will appear:

Select a backup file from Database to be Restored list.  The list shows all existing backup files. The newest backup file can be found at the top of the list.
  • Be sure you select the most current back up.  If you select and older version, you will loose all data changes and additions made after the date of the file you select.
  • If your Pontem software database is stored on a computer other than your local machine, select the name of the appropriate server from the drop-down list or click on the ‘Browse’ button to find and select the name of the server where your data resides.

After selecting the file to be restored, select the 'OK' button.

Once your database has been restored you will see the following advisory:

Click OK to acknowledge the message and close the restore utility.  Restoration of your Pontem database is now complete.

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