How to Apply Payments to Paid-in-Full Tax Bills

Clients utilizing Pontem’s Post E-Payments tool (found in Tax Bills and Collections) frequently report receiving double payments for a tax bill. This often happens when the escrow company and property owner pays the same bill.

Pontem Software users can configure their software so the Post E-Payments tool can apply a second payment to a paid-in-full bill so that it is treated as an overpayment. The payment willappear as a refund on the ‘Tax Receipt Application’ and ‘Overpayment’ reports.

This functionality is also available in the Pay Bill Tax Bill and Start Pay List processes that arelocated in Tax Bills and Collections. This Help Document will explain how to apply payments to Paid-In-Full Tax Bills within your Pontem Software.

STEP ONE: Configuring ‘System Preferences’
To Edit System Preferences in Pontem Tax Administration (TA), click on “Edit’ on the Menu Bar located in the upper-left corner of your screen;. A drop-down menu will now appear.

  • Next, click on ‘Adjust System Preferences.’
  • Double-click on the folder names ‘TR Configuration’ or ‘TA configuration.’
  • Select the sub-folder named ‘Tax Bills’ which will open the ‘Tax Bills and Collections Workspace’ screen:

  • Now, select the configuration to ‘Allow Overpayment on Paid in Full Bills’ by clicking on this option.
  • Click OK to save the new configuration.

Once this configuration has been set, your Pontem software will allow an additional payment to be applied to a paid-in-full tax bill.


STEP TWO: Obtaining a Report of Bills Requiring a Refund
To obtain a complete report of bills requiring a refund, select the ‘Overpayment Report’ found under the report category named ‘Transactions.’


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