How to Apply Fees to Delinquent Tax Bills

STEP ONE: Define and Manage Fees
In the Primary Task labeled ‘Manage Delinquent Bills’ select the ‘Tools’ tab and ‘Define Fees. ’ Here you can define and manage fees for inclusion on delinquent bills.

User-defined fees ensure consistency in applying fees to delinquent bills. Fees can be configured for manual application using the ‘Manage Fees’ tool, or they can be designed to be automatically applied when a payment is posted to a bill.

Changes to a fee definition will not affect fees already applied to tax bills. If a fee has been applied to a bill, the fee cannot be deleted using this tool.

The left-hand side of the ‘Manage Fees’ tool contains a search filter for the user to define a list of bills to which a fee will be applied or removed. Click Search to manage fees.

NOTE: Fees can be added to the bills individually, or the user may ‘Apply to All Bills.’

Once you have applied fees to all desired bills the following message will appear. Click ‘OK.’


STEP TWO: Generate a Delinquent Fees Report

At the top of the above workspace notice the ‘Report‘ button. Click here to generate a ‘Delinquent Fees Report’ which lists the bills and the fees which have been applied to each.

In this example the system-assigned Pre-forfeiture Statutory Fee and the Forfeiture Fee will be included on the report for bills in the appropriate delinquent cycle.

Below is an example of a Delinquent Fees Report. Review it to determine whether any additions or deletions need to be made.

STEP THREE: Apply or Remove Fees from Individual Delinquent Bills
The Manage Fees button lunched from ‘View Fees Detail’ allows the user to apply or remove fees from an individual delinquent bill. Selecting it presents the ‘Manage Fee’ tool with the selected bill listed in the search criteria. The bill will be listed in the search results ready for processing.

The screen shot below is an example of the View Fees Detail. Notice the new fee ‘Code – 04 Forfeiture Recording.’ Also note the FORFT and STAT fees which were added automatically by the software on the appropriate application dates.

Under ‘Pending Fees’ you will see a fee coded ‘02.’ The effective date is 4/4/2011 and on that date the fee will automatically move to the ‘Fees Applied’ grid to be included on the delinquent bill.



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