Quick Step Guide – How to Set Up/Post Electronic E-Payments

Getting Started

  1. In Tax Bills and Collections click on the ‘Tools’ tab and select Post E-Payments.
  2. Either select an Agent from the Agent drop-down list or click on New Agent to create one.
  3. When creating a new Agent:
    1. Set the Payment Method to: EPAY – E-Payment.
    2. Set the File Type to: Mortgage Escrow. *
    3. Set the Refund method to: Against Each Bill.
    4. Click OK to save.

Preparing to Import Your E-Payments

  1. After selecting an Agent and tax period, click on New Import to bring up the ‘Import E-payments Form’ and locate the ‘Payment’ file.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click Post Batch button in lower-right to begin import of the E-Payment file.

Running the Pre-Payment Verification Report

  1. Once the E-Payment file finishes loading, on the ‘Payments’ tab click the Print Report button located upper-right. (This report will show you a listing of payments in the E-Payments file before actually importing it.)
  2. Next, click on the ‘Errors’ tab to view if there are any bills already paid, or any other errors needing attention.
  3. If the totals from the Pre-Payment Verification Report match the check/s amount, click on the Batch Summary button in the lower-right.

You are now looking at the Tax Receipt Distribution window. Entering values for Reference (or Check #), Payer's Name information or Receipt Comments will post that information against all receipts created as part of this E-Payment batch.

Posting E-Payments

  1. Once you are ready to post the entire batch of payments, click on the Post Payment button in the lower-right and wait for the ‘Receipts window’ to show you a list of the receipts created.
  2. Click on the Print button in the upper-right to print an E-Pay Audit Report, or a Tax Receipt Summary Report for the payments you just made.
  3. You also have the option to print the receipts or just click the Close button in the lower-right to completethe process.

*NOTE: This same process can be used to set up and post electronic e-payments collected through your bank to your lockbox. Simply set the File type to Lockbox – 3 Column instead of ‘Mortgage Escrow.’


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