Quick Step Guide – How to Edit a Tax Bill (KY)

Getting Started

  1. In Tax Bills and Collections enter the Parcel Number and Tax Period for the bill you wish to edit in ‘Quick Search.’ Click Search.
  2. With the desired bill highlighted in the List View, click Edit Tax Bill.
  3. The ‘Edit Wizard’ will display the first page (General Information).
  4. Verify the Billing Cycle.
  5. Select the appropriate Reason for Edit.

Exempt a Bill from Administrative Fee

  1. Click Values.
  2. Remove the check mark in box next to Admin Fee.

NOTE: Calculating Admin Fee against a Tax Bill is
just as easy. Simply place a check mark in that
same box.

Defer Interest

  1. Select the appropriate Reason for Edit.
  2. Place a check mark in box next to Defer Interest.
  3. Click Values, then Detail, and Finish.

Property Values Information

  1. Click Values.
  2. Enter Assessed $ as required.
  3. Select the Exemption Code as required.
  4. Click Detail and Finish.

Tax Bill Details

  1. 1. Click Values and Details.
  2. 2. To add levy to tax bill click Add New Levy and select ‘Levy to Add’.
    1. NOTE: Levies based on Taxable Value are calculated automatically. Special Assessment levies must be entered manually.
  3. Click Finish.


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