How to Post Parcel Notes While Printing Forms and Reports

Parcel Notes which can be found in Manage Property Records in the General View in Pontem Tax Administration and in View Parcels in the Pontem Tax Receipting and Delinquent Tax software programs, are a very useful for users to aid in tracking conditions or noteworthy information.

Users can configure reports to automatically post a Note Date, the name of a report, and a Note Category in the ‘Manage Notes field.’ Users can use this feature to track mailings, or the return of forms or notices.

Select Edit |Adjust System Preferences | Reports | Parcel Notes to define which reports or forms you want to track the printing of in the Notes. The example below displays the selection of a Delinquent Tax Notice used in Kentucky. In Michigan, this functionality will be very useful to track Denial notifications and other past due notices.

When a selected report is printed, a dialog appears allowing the user to commit note data to the parcel records:

The screen below demonstrates a note which was posted when the Homestead Denial Notice was printed:

NOTE: Users can filter by Parcel Note Date range (using the Activity Types tab), Category, and/or Note Contents to obtain a grouping of the records affected by the posted note information.


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