How to Create Tax Bills

  1. Navigate to the Prepare Tax Bills Click on the Tools tab, then select Create/Update Tax Bills.
  2. Leave the Only Update Names, Addresses and Property Description box UNCHECKED.
  3. Select the proper tax period
  4. Select the Local Unit for which you would like to create bills.

    Note :It is usually easier to validate the totals calculated at the end of the process if a single Tax Unit/Village is processed. For those organizations calculating for more than one Tax Unit, this one-at-a-time approach is recommended over calculating for all units at once.
  5. Ignore the Parcel Number Range fields.
  6. Click Next

  7. On the subsequent screen, select the ‘Roll Type(s)’ to calculate. It is usually best to select All Roll Types

    Exception: For Summer and Village taxes, all roll types are calculated except DNR
  8. Select which values to calculate with from ‘Calculate Tax Levy using:’. Current/Final Value for Tax Year is recommended.
  9. Click Finish and wait for the calculation process to complete. Should you elect to multi-task while waiting on the calculation, an alarm will sound alerting you to the process’s completion.

The calculation process can take a bit of time.  However, once the calculation is complete, the changes need to be committed within a few minutes to prevent the software from timing out. 

Feel free to Commit Changes here without spending much time reviewing.  Additional verification steps will uncover any issues, and the software allows for correction and recalculation provided the Tax Roll Date has not passed.

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