Manually Adding or Editing a Special Assessment

Time Saving Tip: While some special assessments are provided by the assessment source in an electronic file format, many will come the old fashioned analog way.  One way to not only save time, but to have tools that will help in verifying totals is to enter all of these miscellaneous Assessments into a spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet will allow you to group and total assessments for easier verification, PLUS you will be able to import the spreadsheet which is often faster than manual entry – even if you have to take the time to build the spreadsheet. 

If you must enter manually, or only have a handful to enter, follow these instructions and refer to this helpful image:

  1. Select the Levy you would like to apply to parcels. In the special Levy Quick Search area (1):
    1. Select the tax period
    2. Select a tax unit from the drop-down box
    3. Select a special levy tax description.

      Note: Special Levies are defined in Tax Roll Setup, Tax Levy Definitions view. If a levy definition does not yet exist, you will need to define it, then come back to this step.

    4. Ignore the Special Levy Parcel Number Field
    5. Click Search. The software will load the levy selected in footer of the Special Levy Records list (2).  You are now ready to apply the levy to parcels.

      There are two options provided for applying the selected Special Assessment to a parcel.  There is a one-at-a-time approach, which works well when the Assessment is scattered throughout parcels.   OR when an Assessment is being applied to a group of parcels, it is often easier to select a group of parcels from a filtered list (Bottom ½ of this workspace)

  2. Applying the Special Assessment one-at-a-time
    1. Enter the parcel number in the Parcel Number field in the top right area of the workspace.
    2. Enter the dollar amount of the assessment.
    3. Click Apply. The parcel will be added to the Special Levies list, and the totals will accumulate.
    4. Repeat this process until you’ve entered all of the parcels.

  3. Applying and Special Assessment to a group of related parcels
    1. If it is not already checked, check the checkbox labeled Use Active Parcels for Special Levy Assessment Form (3). This will display the Parcels Quick Search (4) and Active Parcels Records List (5).
    2. Use the Parcel Quick search to find the group of parcels to which you will apply the Assessment. The list of parcels matching the search will display in the bottom right panel
    3. Select the starting parcel from the list to populate the parcel number field above.
    4. Enter the dollar amount for the Assessment on this parcel.
    5. Click Apply. After clicking apply, the software will automatically load the next parcel number from the Active Parcels Record List.
    6. Repeat the process of entering the dollar amount and clicking apply until you have entered all the assessments.

  4. You can Edit records on Special Levy Records list by selecting a record and clicking the Edit button at the top of the workspace.

  5. You can delete a Special Levy from a record by selecting the record and clicking the Delete button at the top of the workspace. This will only delete the levy from the bill -   not the bill itself.
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