Importing Tax Bill Flags

Manage Tax Bill Flags is a tool contained in Pontem’s software designed to facilitate flagging real parcels where the prior year tax bill/s were delinquent and turned over to the county treasurer in March. After using this tool, a notification alerting the tax payer to this situation will print on his/her tax bill.

The data for the flags can come from two sources.  The notification flag can be assigned to a bill directly from Pontem Delinquent Tax data in your county database, or by importing an ASCII file which contains the parcel numbers. When file of unpaid delinquents is required it can be provided by the county treasurer.

If you are a Local Unit and you receive a last-minute update from the county, you can apply it without consequence.  the tool is designed to be run as many times as needed.

  1. To import the flag data, navigate to the Prepare Tax Bills
  2. Click on the Tools tab, then Manage Tax Bill Flags.
  3. On the Records and Options window, enter the desired Tax Period. Ignore or leave blank the other fields on this screen.
  4. Click Next.
  5. The ‘Preview before Updating’ window will display a list of the parcels in the system already that have flags. You can change this list view by clicking the various options, although this list is really only for informational purposes.

  6. Indicate the source of the data you wish to import by checking the Import Option
    1. When setting the flag using From DT Records in this Database the tool will pull bills with an unpaid status from the prior year only. These were transferred to Pontem’s Delinquent Tax software after March settlement.
    2. Alternately, browse for the (unzipped) ASCII file.
      1. In the resulting window, enter ‘1’ as the beginning position for the data in the file.
      2. The field labeled ‘Length’ defines how many characters are in the parcel number and should be set to ‘18’.
    3. Click OK.

  1. Click Update.

  2. Click Finish.
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