Importing Special Assessments

Importing Special Assessments is the fastest and easiest way to get them into the system and applied to tax bills. 

IMPORTANT: There is one very important thing to understand as you prepare for the importing.  You MUST create the Levy Definition (‘S’ Calculation Method) for any new levies, or the import for the new Special Assessment Levies will fail.  The procedure for defining a Special Levy is similar to any other Levy.  Please refer to Levy Definitions: Understanding Rules, Concepts and Best Practices for a full discussion of the subject.

  1. To import Special Levies, navigate to the Prepare Tax Bills Click on the Tools tab, then choose Import Special Levies.

  2. In the resulting wizard, select the current Tax Period.
  3. When Creating New Tax Bills Use: Select Current/Final Value for Tax Year
  4. Ignore the Special Assessment Import Template field.
  5. Define the Positions of required data
    1. Indicate the type of file being imported
    2. Indicate which columns in the file contain the Parcel Number and the Tax Levy Amount.
  6. Indicate what information is being imported.
    1. If the file contains only one type of levy, select a single definition from the drop down list that will be applied to all the imported records.
    2. Alternately, if there are many different types of assessments within the file, the file should contain the definition within the file. Tell the software to use these definitions instead by indicating which column contains the definition.
  7. Indicate the folder where the file is stored on your computer. This populates the ‘Files to Process’ list.
  8. Select one file to process. Ignore the Select All checkbox
  9. Ignore the Move ASCII Files field
  10. Click Next.

  11. The Import Preview window will be displayed. Review the warnings and errors.  A printed report is available for your convenience. 

    Note: Errors will prevent the process from completing.  You must review and correct errors in order to proceed.  Errors are typically a result of an undefined levy.

  12. Click Finish.
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