Exporting Tax Rolls

Once processing of the tax bills is complete, the data can be exported for sharing.  Counties typically provide an exported roll to Their local units who, in turn, import the data into their Tax Receipting software.  Local Units export data and send it to the county for verification and/or initializing the county’s tax database.

  1. To Export Tax Rolls click the Export menu, then Export Tax Rolls.
  2. In the Setup window, select the Export Type from the available list.

    Note: The export type you select will be dependent upon who will be receiving the data and what software they use.   There are 4 data export options. 
    • Pontem Format (for local units using Pontem TR for collections)
    • Standard ASCII (BS&A)
    • Manatron Format
    • Electronic Tax Roll Format (mortgage companies)
  3. Select the current Tax Period.
  4. Select the unit (or units) for which you wish to create the export, and click Include to move the unit to the list of Tax units to export.

  5. Select Create Compressed Files (zip.).
  6. The Files/Folders filed indicates where the file(s) will saved. Confirm this location is correct or use the Browse button to select a different location.
  7. Click the Next button to create the export files, a processing screen will display while the files are being created. A window will then appear to let you know the export process has completed successfully.
  8. The Results window lists the name of the file(s) created and allows you to browse to the file location using the ‘Go To Files’ button. This would allow you to use the Windows procedures to burn the files to CD or copy to a thumb drive.

  9. Click Finish to close the window and end the export process.
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