How to Manually Edit a Pre-Levy (Prior to Tax Roll Date) Tax Bill

The method for editing property record values varies depending on the time of year and when during the tax cycle the change happens.

It is not unusual for a County to make changes throughout the year, where the changes would be done directly to the parcel, unless the County was in the midst of calculation and had not yet moved the tax bills to the Local Unit.

A Local Unit, on the other hand, likely receives PRE values as an import file from the assessor which is loaded at the beginning of the calculation process. Therefore, edits would generally come after bills had been created, and would be made directly to the bill as a result.

Please note these instructions assume a tax bill exists in the pre-Levy cycle.


Changes after the Tax Calculation process has begun and before the Tax Roll Date (Pre-Levy Cycle).

  1. Navigate to the Prepare Tax Bills
  2. Use the Quick Search to locate the parcel to be edited. The parcel will be displayed in a list view.
  3. Highlight or Double-click the parcel in the List View.
  4. Click the ‘Edit Bill’ button to display the ‘Edit Tax Bill’ tool.

    Note: Prior to the edit window displaying you may see the following warning message.  Click Yes to continue.

  5. Click the ‘Values’ button to display the Property Values Information window.
  6. Change the Tax Exemption % and Tax Exemption Type as required.
  7. Make any other desired changes.

    Note: As changes are made the program will re-calculate any levies that are affected by the PRE change and will display in the New Amount and Current Changes areas at the bottom of the window.

  8. Click the Detail button to display the Tax Bill Details window.
  9. Review the list to verify School Operating levies (if present) have properly updated.
  10. Click the Finish button to save your changes.


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