How to Edit a Delinquent Tax Bill


There are many things that will affect a Delinquent Tax Bill over its lifespan ranging from Bankruptcy to MTT changes among others.  The Edit DQ Bill process will enable you to make any of the required changes to keep the bill up to date.

Note: Dates are often referred to in this document as an offset from the Tax Year (the year the original tax bills were issued), for example, a reference to the Delinquency Date would be referenced as ‘March 1st, Tax Year + 1’.


Editing a Delinquent Tax Bill:

In Pontem Software’s Delinquent Tax System, select the Manage Delinquent Bills Primary Task and use the Quick Search in the bottom left search for the parcel to edit. Results of your search will be shown in the workspace list view, select the delinquency to edit and click on the ‘Edit DQ Bill’ button above the list view to begin the edit process.

Verify your selection against the Parcel Number, Tax Year and Tax Unit are displayed at the top of the edit window.

The items on the main edit window either display information relevant to the delinquency or have an effect on handling or calculations.  Information about these fields can be displayed by clicking on the Pushpin/Help icon in the upper right of the screen. A short description of each field can be found as well as its impact on the overall Delinquency, Foreclosure Cycle and Payoff Calculations. Clicking the Pushpin again will hide the help window.

Clicking the ‘Cancel’ button will abort any changes entered on the screen (as well as any changes made to the specific tax bills that make up the delinquency).


What affect does Bankruptcy have on a delinquent?

When a parcel is determined to be in bankruptcy, each outstanding delinquent year should be edited separately to set the bankruptcy flag.

A delinquency that is set to be in bankruptcy retains its current status until the delinquency is removed from bankruptcy. Interest will continue to accumulate at the rate defined for the status of the delinquency unless the ‘Freeze Interest Date’ is set (interest will be frozen as of that date and then will be recalculate retroactively when bankruptcy is removed).

When a delinquency in DELINQ Status is removed from bankruptcy the Delinquent Tax System will automatically determine if the Forfeiture Date should be adjusted (if the parcel is still in bankruptcy when the default Forfeiture Date is past the delinquency is withheld from Forfeiture until March 1st of the year following its removal from bankruptcy).

For more information on Bankruptcy procedures in Pontem Software’s Delinquent Taxes System, please refer to the ‘How to Process Delinquents in Bankruptcy’ documentation in Pontem Software’s Online Training and Support Center.


Editing Specific Base Tax Bills Information.

Base Tax Bill information must be edited one Tax Period at a time, after making changes to an individual Tax Bill you MUST save the changes before making changes to another Base Tax Bill. If edits to specific tax periods are not done individually the program will return the error ‘Violation of PRIMARY or UNIQUE KEY constraint PARCELVALUES_PK on table PARCELVALUES’.

Making changes to the individual tax bills is handled with the same procedures as a Tax Bill Edit in Tax Administration. To start he edit process click the edit button next to the DQ Base for the tax period to edit.

The ‘Billing Cycle’ shown on the first screen of the edit process will display ‘Post-Settlement’, edits made here will affect the ‘Current’ values on the originating tax bill.

Millage based levies will automatically be recalculated when changes are made on the ‘Edit Tax Bill - Property Values Information’ window.

Special Assessments and Flat Rate levy items will not be affected by changes made on the Values window. If changes are required for these levies they must be manually manipulated on the ‘Edit Tax Bill - Tax Bill Details’ window.

Adding a missing levy is done by clicking on the ‘Add New Levy’ button in the upper right of the Details window, double-click the levy desired to add it to the list of levies, if it is a Millage based levy it will be automatically calculated, other types of levies will have to have the correct dollar amount manually entered on the levy list grid.

Clicking the Finish button will post changes to the Delinquent window, but changes will NOT be saved until the Finish button on the Delinquent window is clicked (Cancel on that window will abort all changes).

For more information on Tax Bill Edit procedures, please refer to the ‘How to Edit a Tax Bill’ documentation in Pontem Software’s Online Training and Support Center.


Current payment information panel.

Information displayed in the lower right corner of the delinquent window reflects the dollar amounts related to the delinquency at the time the delinquency is being viewed.

For complete payoff information click the ‘Payoff Calc’ button, this button displays only for those delinquencies with an outstanding balance (this button is not available during the edit process, it is only available on the View Delinquent Bill workspace).

As a way to help explain the Interest Due amount displayed we have added two numbers just to the left of the Interest Due label...

The first number is the number of months of interest calculated at 1% (Delinquent status interest rate), the second number is the number of months used to calculate 1.5% (Forfeiture status interest rate).


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